Door Types

key-565607_640Doors can be of various types based on the material they are made from. You can select from a range of material best suited to your aesthetic and manufactural needs.

Wood or Timber is the most commonly used material when it comes to constructing doors. Easily available in all localities it never loses its class. Most often timber doors are installed in exterior because whole planks of wood are used, but can also be used as interior doors. Wooden doors give a luxurious vibe to the house and can be of varying styles as per your aesthetic sense. A large variety of wood is available to meet your economical needs.

Steel doors are another most commonly used material when it comes to exterior doors. It is sturdy, cost effective and low maintenance. Steel or metal doors can be solid or hollow. Solid doors are often used as exterior doors due to security purpose. Hollow steel doors have a foam core to provide insulation and are covered by steel slabs that can be painted to any color of your choice.

Fiberglass is a good choice in addition to wooden or metal doors. Fiberglass is as hard and sturdy as wood or metal, and has the advantage of being low-cost and low maintenance as compared to both wood and metal. They also tend to be dent resistant as compared to wood and metal doors. Doors made from fiberglass are also foam filled to provide good insulation and can be attached with a wooden panel to make it more pleasing. Fiberglass doors can be used to make doors both for exterior as well as the interior of the house.

Glass is a material often used in doors to make it more aesthetically pleasing or to allow unobstructed view to the other side of the door. Most often used in French or sliding doors to be installed on the patio glass is available in many decorative and tinted variety as per your choice and demand.

Aluminum is another material used now a day. On its own it is a conductor of heat; therefore, an insulating material is placed between the aluminum panels. Aluminum doors are resistant to environmental and natural hazards and are a good choice for a place where rain and the wind may affect the door. Suitable for both exterior and interior aluminum doors ae lightweight and durable choice for making frames and doors.