Door Design

Choose from a variety of door designs here at SDC best suited to meet all your door needs.

door-1249520_640Sliding doors are commonly used as wardrobe, shower, or screen doors to allow better use of space by sliding it horizontally as opposed to moving it vertically. Sliding doors are mostly made of glass. Consisting of two panels, one panel is mounted either below or above, while the other remains free to slide.

Pocket doors as the name suggest slide into a pocket created between the walls. This allows the door to be opened without taking any space on the floor as well as to open up the area. Pocket doors require the wall to be free of any plumbing or electric wires. These doors add a classy and modern touch to your house. Can be installed inside the house or outside on the patio.

Folding doors consist of many sections that fold in pairs when opened. Usually used as closets or patio doors they are made of glass with its frame made of wood or metal.

Panel door is the door commonly used in the interior of the house. In some cases, it can also be used as the exterior door. It uses 3-4 horizontal rails and three vertical stiles of greater thickness. The frame or panel can be of varying material ranging from timber, plywood, hardboard and even glass. A variety of designs and material to select from makes them a good choice for interior doors.

Flush doors have a smooth surface often made of plywood or fiberboard material. These doors are pretty economical as compared to other options and are fairly light in weight. Mostly used in inside the house they blend well with the surroundings. When used in the exterior of the house flush door would use fiberglass or metal as the panel.

French doors are mostly used to open up the available space as well as to allow a big entry. They are usually of glass but can be of any material you choose. They are often used as external patio doors but can be used to create a passage between different areas of house or to create a partition between rooms.

Dutch door also called stable door is divided into two parts horizontally. The door is designed such that the above portion can be opened while the lower portion remains locked. Traditionally, it was used to allow the animal to feed while inside the stable. Now they can be used to keep the pets inside while allowing the air to flow.